Переводы песен Paramore

Автор Sun   
26.11.2008 г.

 All we know is falling

 1. All We Know
 2. Pressure
 3. Emergency
 4. Brighter
 5. Here We Go Again
 6. Let This Go
 7. Whoa
 8. Conspiracy  
 9. Franklin
 10. My Heart
 11. Oh Star (Japanese Bonus Track)


 1. For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic
 2. That's What You Get
 3. Hallelujah
 4. Misery Business
 5. When It Rains
 6. Let The Flames Begin
 7. Miracle
 8. crushcrushcrush
 9. We Are Broken
 10. Fences
 11. Born For This

  Brand New Eyes

 1. Careful
 2. Ignorance
 3. Playing God
 4. Brick by Boring Brick
 5. Turn It Off
 6. The Only Exception
 7. Feeling Sorry
 8. Looking Up
 9. Where the lines overlap
 10. Misguided Ghosts
 11. All I Wanted


 1. Fast In My Car
 2. Now
 3. Grow Up
 4. Daydreaming
 5. Interlude: Moving On
 6. Ain't It Fun
 7. Part II
 8. Last Hope
 9. Still Into You
 10. Anklebiters
 11. Interlude: Holiday
 12. Proof
 13. Hate To See Your Heart Break
 14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls
 15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
 16. Be Alone
 17. Future
 Bonus Tracks:
 18. Escape Route
 19. Native Tongue

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